Fully-fledged projects as well as more general areas of investigation


Things that I am already working on

  • Experimenting with Boggle, Dynamic Programming and walking paths etc.
  • Streaming ADS-B data from an RTLSDR
  • Go SDK for HP Procurve Switches
  • Go SDK for the Ubiquiti Unifi server software
  • Golang-based domain name service
  • A standards-compliant NTP server (inspired, I believe, by this article)
  • A fault-tolerant multimaster DHCP server


  • ANPR with IR cameras, telephoto lenses, and Raspberry Pis
  • Precision network-controlled mount for cameras/telescopes
  • WiFi positioning system database
  • Go-based API for converting JSON into Go structs (similar to this)
  • An autodiscovery system that uses distributed hash tables to mitigate DNS availability issues and bootstrapping problems
  • A Go-based SSH server that harvests credentials used by attackers
  • A Go SDK for HP Procurve Switches
  • NTP server with GPS hardware integration
  • Analysis of radio signals from consumer devices
  • Meshnet in autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Collecting ambient radio signals of interest using autonomous vehicles
  • SIP server, using Golang

On hold/Stranded

Projects that once looked very promising, but that have now fallen by the wayside

  • A location integration for FreeSWITCH that allows SIP clients to be activated in a three-dimensional x, y, time-axis (Mod MexicanWave)
  • System for tracking the level of suspicion associated with login attempts for a user in an enterprise taking into account a very broad range of information
  • System for defending against domain phishing in conjuction with email service provider APIs



  • Investigating Open-Source Radar projects, including phased arrays
  • Exploring the OpenEEG project
  • A photogrammetry system that creates an accurate 3D model of a room
  • Selective Laser Sintering at home
  • Swarm UAV mesh-net
  • Open source radar project
  • UAV AWACS system
  • Axial-flow turbojet engine
  • Exploring open-source CFD
  • Turbopumps
  • Liquefying air
  • An N-prize entry


  • Something fun involving genetics